Hello YHOG'rs and welcome to the new and improved Yayasan Harley Owners Group website! 

Recently the committee had undergone another mass exodus of major contributors and members to our executive committee. With the loss of so much experience and talent from members who have been with us for many years, the committee was on the "hunt" for some young enthusiastic talent! We found some in our most recent new members who are directly responsible for helping us bring this new website to you. You may have notices our improved Social Media footprint also as we now have a Twitter account, a new Facebook page and Instagram accounts to help share our activity! Be sure to look for us on those platforms and keep up to date on all upcoming events and check out the news and pictures from ones you may have missed. 

Given the nature of the current economy and the overall life us expat members lead, we will always undergo a certain amount of coming and going within our organization. So, we gladly invite any and all who may be interested to join our team to please come forward! We encourage the local Indonesian Community to also come forward and join us! Learn more about how you can help! Having a bike is not a requirement as we are always a charity organization first and a riding club second. We could always use more knowledge and support from our local community to help us spread the word about the needs of the Indonesian Children. "Jangan Malu" Don't be shy, get in touch with us to learn more about how you can help! We are always happy to welcome new members and or just meet some of the people in the community who would like to learn more about who we are and the work we do. Not to worry, we never tire of telling stories about helping these kids and the many more still in need of our support! Be sure to contact us at yayasanhog@yahoo.com or shoot us a message on any of the social media platforms we mentioned earlier! 

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YHOG is on the "Hunt" for new talent! Check out or new and improved Social Media Footprint on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the new and improved yayasanhog.com…

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